William Allanach

William Allanach b. 1782 Tolduquhill, d. 1841 Old Machar Aberdeenshire

William Allanach

William Allanach was born on 7 February 1782, the son of Sophia and Duncan. He had three sons with Isobel Grassick between 1799 and 1809. He died in 1841 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, at the age of 59.



William Allanach was born on 7 February 1782 in Tolduquhill to Sophia Glass and Duncan Allanach.

William Allanach Birth 1782


William had eleven siblings :

  • James Allanach
  • Margaret Allanach
  • John Allanach
  • Jane Allanach
  • Alexander Allanach
  • Isabel Allanach
  • Duncan Allanach
  • Robert Allanach
  • Sophia Allanach
  • Jochabed Allanach
  • Duncan Allanach


William was married at some point to Isobel Grassick.


William and Isobel had three sons :


William Allanach died in 1841 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, when he was 59 years old. Note – I have taken this information from other family trees and I have not been able to document from records.


Life Story


On May 26th 1799, William Allanach and Isobel Grassick are charged £1 10s by Strathdon Kirk (likely for Isabel falling pregnant outside of marriage.

William Allanach fine 1799

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