Duncan Allanach

Duncan Allanach b. 1749, d. 1807 Upper Tolduquhil

Duncan Allanach

Duncan Allanach was born in 1749. He had seven sons and five daughters with Sophia Glass between 1773 and 1795. He died on 5 November 1807 at the age of 58.


  • Father – Uncertain
  • Mother – Uncertain


Duncan Allanach was born in 1749.. We know this from his gravestone although no birth record either for Allanach or Stuart has so far been found.



It is unknown as to whether Duncan had siblings.


Duncan was married at some point to Sophia Glass. Again, this is known from his gravestone.


Duncan and Sophia had twelve children :

  • James Allanach
  • Margaret Allanach
  • John Allanach
  • Jane Allanach
  • William Allanach
  • Alexander Allanach
  • Isabel Allanach
  • Duncan Allanach
  • Robert Allanach
  • Sophia Allanach
  • Jochabed Allanach
  • Duncan Allanach


Duncan Allanach died on 5th November 1807 when he was 58 years old. He is buried at Strathdon Church. He is stated as being a ‘farmer in Upper Tolduquhill’

Life Story


Duncan Allanach and Sophia Glass have twins named Duncan and Robert on March 3rd 1789. Place name listed as Aldahie (likely Aldachuie by Tolduquhill – now Lost Gallery)


Duncan and Sophia have a final son on February 18th 1795 named Duncan (the twin Duncan born in 1789 had passed away). The family is now living in Tolduquhill.


According to the 1922 History of the Clan MacFarlane, there were four Allanachs serving in the Strathdon Volunteers, including a sergeant Duncan Allanach.


A 1799 Westminster Parliamentary report into illegal Whisky Distilling in North Britain (note erasure of ‘Scotland’ post Culloden). It shows Duncan was fined five shillings in 1797 by a magistrate in Aberdeen for making £200 worth of whisky.

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