John Allanach

John Allanach b. 1841, d. 1844

John Allanach


When John Allanach was born in 1841, his father, John, was 27 and his mother, Jean, was 24. He had four brothers and three sisters. He died as a child in 1844.


  • Father – John Allanach
  • Mother – Jean Beveridge


John Allanach was born in 1841 to Jean Beveridge, age 24, and John Allanach, age 27.


John had seven siblings :

  • Agnes Allanach (born 1845)
  • Francis Allanach (born 1845)
  • James Allanach (born 1849)
  • Alexander Allanach (born 1851)
  • George Allanach (born 1857)
  • Jean Allanach (born 1857)
  • Penelope Allanach (born 1857)


John died as an infant and never married.


John died as an infant and never had children.


John Allanach died on 12th July 1844 when he was 3 years old.

Life Story


John is born. Sadly no birth record has been found and the birth record for sister Agnes in 1843 is stated as being John and Jean’s first child. Could it be that John was born abroad, or that he was born to another Allanach but raised by John? There have also been no records found to indicate that he was born out-of-wedloc


John appears in the 1841 census living in Craignagour aged just five months.

841 Census John Allanach

Craignagour near Glenbuchat as it appeared on an 1800s OS map.


John is buried alongside father John, mother Jean (Jane), sister Agnes and brother George.


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