Agnes Moir Allanach

Agnes Allanach, b. 1843 Craignagour, d. 1862 Droughsburn, Alford

Agnes Moir Allanach


When Agnes Allanach was born on 24 June 1843 in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, her father, John, was 29, and her mother, Jean, was 26. She had five brothers and two sisters. She died on 10 September 1862 at the age of 19.



Agnes Allanach was born on 24 June 1843 in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, to Jean Beveridge, age 26, and John Allanach, age 29..


Agnes had seven siblings :

  • John Allanach (born 1845)
  • Francis Allanach (born 1845)
  • James Allanach (born 1849)
  • Alexander Allanach (born 1851)
  • George Allanach (born 1857)
  • Jean Allanach (born 1857)
  • Penelope Allanach (born 1857)


Agnes died as a teenager and never married.


Agnes died as a teenager and never had children.


Agnes Allanach died on 10 September 1862 when she was 19 years old.

Life Story


Agnes is born 24th June 1843 in the parish of Strathdon and Corgaff at Craigengour. Strangely, Agnes is referred to as the couple’s first child, despite brother John being born in 1841 (although the only record of him is the grave).

Craigengour was another tricky place to locate. The old OS descriptions from the 1860s list several variants, all roughly meaning ‘rocks of the goat(s)’.

Craignagour on an 1860s map next to a modern aerial shot.

Craignagour has fallen off modern maps but have marked its approx location with the red circle.



Agnes dies aged only 19 yeas old of diptheria, which she was ill with for nine days., on September 10th 1862 Tragically, her brother George dies of Diptheria too on the same day aged just 5 years old, after suffering for six days.


Agnes is buried alongside father John, mother Jean (Jane), brother John and brother George.


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