John Allanach

John Allanach b. 1776 Strathdon, d. Unknown

John Allanach


John Allanach was born in 1776 in Toldaquhill, the son of Sophia and Duncan. He had six brothers and five sisters. He had two sons with Elisabeth Anderson between 1805 and 1819. It is uncertain when he died.



John Allanach was born 7th December 1776 in Aberdeenshire to Sophia Glass and Duncan Allanach as recorded in the OPR for Strathdon and Corgaff for 1776

John Allanach Birth 1776



John had eleven siblings :

  • James Allanach
  • Margaret Allanach
  • Robert Allanach
  • Jane Allanach
  • Alexander Allanach
  • Isabel Allanach
  • Duncan Allanach
  • William Allanach
  • Sophia Allanach
  • Jochabed Allanach
  • Duncan Allanach


It is likely that John married/ partnered with Elisabeth Anderson, born 1786,


John and Elisabeth had four known, possibly five children.

  • William Allanach (born 1805)
  • Jane Allanach (1810-1886)
  • John Allanach (born 1819)
  • Helen L Allanach (1822-1889)
  • Charlotte Allanach (born 1829 – only appears in 1841 census aged 12)


It is uncertain when John died.

Of three possible matches for John Allanach (ie John Allanachs dying between 1850 and 1900s on the Statutory Register, none match this John Allanach.

Death ALLANACH JOHN 66 RENNIE 1880 171/ 19 Alford Statutory Register
Death ALLANACH JOHN 81 GRASSICK 1881 246/ 10 Tullynessle and Forbes Statutory Register
Death ALLANACH JOHN 67 ANDERSON 1886 240/ 1 Strathdon Statutory Register

Life Story


John and Elisabeth had a son named William on July 29th 1805. ‘Toldachbeg’  is likely to be related to Toldaquhill, ‘beag’ meaning little in Gaelic.

John Allanach son William birth 1805


John Allanach was born in 1819 in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, to Elisabeth Anderson, age 33, and John Allanach, age 43. This is evidenced through the 1861 census which shows John  as aged 42 and living with mother Elisabeth (76).


The 1841 census for Strathdon shows John and wife Elizabeth living in the Cottage of Auchernach where he worked as an agricultural labourer. It also shows a Charlotte Allanach (aged 12) residing at the cottage, together with a Jane Gordon (30) and an Elizabeth Gordon (5). I have been unable to find any record of Charlotte other than in this census. A search of Charlottes born on the parish (and neighbouring) uncovered a Charlotte Roy born in 1831, but she is shown in the 1841 Glenbuchat census.

Note the death certificate for son John in 1886, lists John’s profession as ‘shepherd’.

The beautiful cottage is shown as it looks today.


An 1851 census for the parish of Tarland records a 74 year old John Allanach residing in Tarland (unable to make out the street/ building), together with a son-inlaw (Robert?) Farquharson, daughter Hellen Farquarhson and granddaughter Elisabeth. The place of birth for John is stated as Strathdon.  This is likely to be John from the age and location of birth, but not certain.

John Allanach census 1851


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